Think Differently About Website Development

Does your business need a new website, but can’t find space in the budget to cover the inflated fees development agencies charge for web development? You are not alone. For basic small business websites, some development agencies can run the tab into the thousands! Corey Sizemore Design & Development has the solution. We now offer a simple subscription based service with a low setup fee, and monthly installments to not only cover the building of your custom website but also its management for the lifetime that you have the website with us! Don’t get stuck with a cookie cutter template based website, when you can help your business stand out for even less! Also included in your subscription is your website hosting, so you can trust that your website is in safe and secure hands at all times.

NEW CLIENT SPECIAL: For a limited time, get 3 months of service free on all of our subscription plans! Subscription plans are paid annually, so a discount amount equivalent to 3 months of service will be applied to the first account invoice.

EXISTING CLIENT SPECIAL: For every new customer that you refer to CSDD, receive 25% off your next invoice (up to 100%!). Just make sure that they mention you when signing up!